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ISWGA Executive Board
Founding ISWGA board member Betty Harmless

Betty Harmless

former President and one of the founders of the ISWGA

The ISWGA Executive Board consists of six members.  Each year at the annual board meeting, one new member is elected to the board as the new Representative.  The previous Representative becomes either Treasurer or Secretary for two years. The Treasurer or Secretary that is being replaced becomes the Vice President and the Vice President becomes the President.  The board members are expected to attend meetings in the fall and the spring, as well as the annual meeting during the state tournament.  Being on the Board is a wonderful opportunity to serve the golfing community and lead this organization.  If you would like more information about serving on the board, please email our president.


Responsibilities of the board members:
  • President - choose the golf course where the annual state tournament will be held and work with the club pro to organize the tournament, set a date for the fall and spring board meetings

  • Vice President - select and purchase the prizes for the annual tournament

  • Treasurer - mail the dues reminders and entry forms to golf clubs and leagues, receive the checks and applications, reimburse the Vice President for prize expenses, create annual treasurer's report

  • Secretary - take minutes at every meeting throughout the year. e-mail entry forms to previous participants, keep a record of all the paricipants and members clubs up to date, write thank you letters to the host club.

  • Representative - create a scrapbook which contains pictures, information, press clippings and other interesting information about the annual tournament.  The scrapbook is displayed at the next year's tournament and then given to the champion of the tournament.

  • Past President - serve as a consultant to the current President and other board members.

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